New Testament Baptist Schools, established in 1997 as a ministry of New Testament Baptist Church, is designed to help families raise their children for Christian service, instilling in them Christian character and leadership. Our mission is to create a culture where students grow in grace, excel in academics, and learn to be of service to others.

We teach the Bible through daily memorization, Bible classes, and weekly chapel. The Bible is not only taught, but permeates each subject with the goal of directing children to live the Bible, not just know it.

We offer small class sizes with hands-on learning instruction in all traditional subjects (math, grammar, reading, writing, history, and science). We also teach two conversational language courses: Spanish and American Sign Language. All students are able to take a music class once a week.

Our students are encouraged to see the world around them as Christ would see it, looking for ways to be a blessing to others. We offer programs and incentives to help students learn how to serve others.

New Testament Baptist Schools holds to the doctrinal statement of New Testament Baptist Church. A copy of this statement is available upon request.